Safety Rubber Flooring

Safety Flooring at it’s best.


Safety and sports flooring is ideal for playgrounds, multi use games areas, athletic tracks, water theme parks, schoolyards, gyms and amusement parks.

Our safety flooring addresses all the common issues associated with traditional safety surfacing. These include cracking, fading and surface temperatures. Our products can be tailored to suit individual project considerations, such as slip resistance, safety fall protection and drainage.


Playground safety ‘wet pour’ EPDM rubber floors combine high elasticity with colourful flooring options to offer exceptional shock absorption properties and help reduce the risk of fall-related injuries. It is suitable for daycare playgrounds, community and township parks, athletic sports tracks and even as retirement home safety flooring.

Aquatic flooring is perfectly suited for water theme parks, rehabilitation hydro therapy pools, or public swimming pool surrounds, where a chlorine resistant and non slip surface is required. It is formulated to hinder the growth of fungi/algae, is flexible, seamless and easy to maintain.

SMUGA (Surfacing for Multi-use Games Areas) is a range of pre-formed interlocking floors. It is suitable for children’s play areas, cricket turfs, tennis courts, football, basketball and hockey pitches. SMUGA flooring is available in an array of bright colours, which offers the functionality of several sports being accommodated into one play zone with customized demarcation lines. SMUGA is committed to providing sport and play solutions for the local community.


Why safety rubber flooring



The critical fall height of playground equipment and the type of equipment used will determine the thickness of playground safety flooring required, as well as the placement of the safety flooring.

Our products is predominantly made from re-cycled rubber and offers a wide variety of impact protection surfaces that meet all playground and sports requirements.

The South African Determination of Critical Fall Height Standard (SANS 51177:2010) is the identical implementation and direct adoption of the International EN Standard 1177:2008.